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Wish No 200 – Braveheart Caitlyn

Our 200th wish came from the parents of Braveheart Caitlyn.  They requested a Cheering Minnie Mouse.  We hope Caitlyn loves this gorgeous cheer leading Minnie Mouse as much as we do.  It is sure to help put a big smile on this wee Braveheart’s face. We hope Caitlyn makes a speedy recovery and we wish the family all the very best x

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Wish No199 – Braveheart Amy Lee

Wish No 199 came from the parents of Braveheart Amy-Lee.  They requested a Baby Bouncer chair.  We hope that Amy-Lee loves the cute  Bright Starts one we chose for her.  This chair looks so comfortable with some beautiful soft toys to play with, soothing melodies and vibrations which hopefully aids this little Braveheart in her recovery. Best wishes to the family & we hope that Amy-Lee makes a speedy recovery x

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