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Ladies Night

‘The Only Way is Essex’…Pah!!!…’The Only Way is Braveheart’. Come on girls…get yourself all tanned up…the big lashes on…look out that sparkly dress and step into your highest heels…and shimmy on up to HOME in Kilwinning on Friday 24th Feb 2012. There will be live entertainment and a DJ to keep you lovely ladies entertained. Tickets £5 – Prize for most bedazzled lady x An awesome £1323.24 was raised at the Ladies Night x A massive heartfelt thank you to everyone xxx

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Wish No 7 – Braveheart Megan

Our 7th Wish came from the parents of Braveheart Megan.  Megan’s parents requested a musical night light.  We decided to go for a beautiful butterfly that projected stars around the room and played soothing lullabys.  We hope Megan finds the night light soothing as she nods off to sleep.  We wish Megan a speedy recovery and wish her and her family all the best xxx  

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Wish No 6 – Braveheart Junior

Our 6th wish came from the parents of Braveheart Junior.  Junior requested Smokey the Fire Truck.  Smokey must be a very popular toy as we had to search around a few shops to get him and we ended up having to go online and reserve the very last one in a store a few miles away.  When we picked up Juniors gift we soon realised what all the hype was…what an awesome toy…It was definitely worth the trip   We are sure you will have loads of fun with your fire truck Junior.  We hope Smokey cheers you up as you […]

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Wish No 5 – Braveheart Ben

Our 5th Wish came from special Braveheart Ben.  Ben loves nothing more than playing soldiers, so he requested the Military Island Playset. We thoroughly enjoyed going shopping for Bens special gift.  It looked totally awesome and we’re sure that Ben will have hours of fun with his gift.  We wish you a speedy recovery Ben and we wish you and your family all the very best for the future xxx  

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