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Each and every child/young person with a heart disorder who is admitted to the ward, no matter what the procedure, will be given a journal, pen and a pack of stickers in the hope that you/they will document your own personal journey of your time spent in hospital. It is hoped that this will help you and your family deal with any of your worries and fears and offer strength and support in your recovery process.

journal pack

If you/your child are placed on the cardiac surgical waiting list, you will receive a leaflet detailing a little about the foundation and what kind of wish/gift you can ask for. The wishes listed on the leaflet are for guidance only. Your gift should be your special wish that you would look forward to receiving after surgery and hopefully this would aid you in making a speedy recovery.  Once you have decided what kind of wish you would like please fill in the tear off wish form or the form on website. The form can be posted or emailed via the website. Alternatively you can telephone any of the contacts listed on the leaflet.

Braveheart gift 2

If for any reason you don’t receive the wish form before admission, the cardiac team or the play specialists will notify us and we will do our utmost to get your wish granted and given to you as soon as possible.

If you care for a child/young person who has a diagnosed heart condition, they’ve had a heart procedure, and attend Yorkhill Hospital, Zak’s Haven is available to you and your family at low cost. More information is available by clicking on the ‘Zak’s Haven’ link.



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