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Wish No 198 – Braveheart Stephen

Wish No 198 came from Braveheart Stephen.  He requested iTunes vouchers for him to download some music & videos.  Happy downloading Stephen!! We hope you continue to make a speedy recovery & your new downloads help cheer you up in the recovery process x Best wishes x

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Wish No 197 – Braveheart Ruaidhri

Wish No 197 came from Braveheart Ruaidhri’s mummy.  She requested a V-tech Toot Toot Train.  We hope Ruaidhri has miles of fun controlling this cool train & it provides hours of fun x We wish the family all the very best & we hope that Ruaidhri makes a speedy recovery x

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Wish No 196 – Braveheart Elliot

Wish No 196 came from the parents of Braveheart Elliot.  They requested a pair of Boreal rock climbing boots.  We hope Elliot loves the pair we chose for him and they provide lots of comfort when he’s back to his climbing again. We hope Elliot makes a speedy recovery & we wish him & his family all the very best x

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