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The Zak Scott Braveheart Foundation was set up in memory of our very own ‘braveheart’, our son, grandson, brother, nephew and friend, Zak, in September 2011.

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Having being born with a congenital heart condition, Zak attended the Royal Hospital for Sick Children Glasgow (Yorkhill) throughout his life. Zak was fortunate in being able to be provided with most things he wanted, but was always aware of those who were in a similar position or less fortunate. Zak expressed a wish for all children and young people who were in hospital for cardiac surgery to have a special gift for when they came back from theatre, just as he always had. Zak also took great comfort in keeping notes in a journal during his hospital stay. The journal was used to document Zak’s feelings, particularly his worries and fears and he asked those involved in his care to write how they thought he was progressing each day. Zak thought that this might also be of some comfort to other young people who were going through the same and hoped to encourage them to document their own journey. We would like to carry out his wishes through this Foundation.

The Foundation aims to provide help and grant small wishes of children and young people with a heart disorder who are on the cardiac surgical waiting list at Yorkhill Sick Children’s Hospital. With your help they and their families can experience the joy and excitement of having a small wish granted to give strength and hope for a speedy recovery.

We also aim to provide a journal for each child/young person receiving treatment from the cardiac team with the hope to give some comfort through documenting their own personal journey.

We also have our own holiday home, ‘Zak’s Haven’, for heart families to have a short break away from it all and have some quality family time together.

Help us give hope and strength to some special ‘bravehearts’.



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