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Wish No 33 – To all the kids in Ward 5a

Wish No 33 was a special gift to the ward from the Foundation x The feedback from the previous iPad we bought for all the kids to use was very positive and it was a much requested item with lots of the kids  We decided to gift the Ward with another iPad to keep up with the demand x It’s all to help take the kids’ minds off things, at least for a little while xxx        

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14,500ft Tandem Skydive

Some family, friends & I (Roslyn Scott) are going to be doing a Tandem Skydive, hopefully the first weekend in September 2012.  Sponsors will be greatly appreciated.  Wish us luck!!! xx

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Wish No 32 – Braveheart Millie

Wish No 32 came from the parents of Braveheart Millie x They requested a pink Trunki case  This was the first i had ever heard of a ‘Trunki’ and it is an awesome funky suitcase that the kids can sit on and get pulled along on  Hope you love the pink Trunki we chose for you Millie and you don’t tire your parents out too much pulling you about lol x Best wishes sent to you all and we hope you make a speedy recovery xx

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Wish No 31 – Braveheart Leah

Wish No 31 came from the parents of Braveheart Leah. Leah previously received a baby swing from the Foundation but this little Braveheart had to endure another op recently  They requested a baby bangle with Leah’s birthstone x I hope they liked the special loveheart one we chose for her and the special personalised keepsake box we got for it  x Love & best wishes to Leah & her family and we hope Leah makes a speedy recovery xxx

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Car Wash & Coffee Morning 2012

This years car wash & coffee morning will take place on Saturday 28th July 2012 – 11am till 2pm Car Wash £2 – Coffee morning ticket £1 (includes tea/coffee & cake). Venue – Castlepark Community Centre, Irvine.

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Wish No 30 – Braveheart Joshua

Our 30th wish came from the parents of Braveheart Joshua. They requested a Playskool Poppin’ Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper  This toy looks totally awesome and we are sure that Joshua will have plenty of giggles playing with this. We wish Joshua a speedy recovery and wish him & and his family all the best xx  

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Wish No 29 – Braveheart Leona

Wish No 29 came from Braveheart Leona x Leona requested an iPod Touch  I’m sure you’ll have hours of fun with it Leona x Love & Best wishes sent to you and your family and we wish you a speedy recovery x

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Wish No 28 – Braveheart Cian

Our 28th wish came from Braveheart Cian x Cian requested a new Xbox  We hope you have hours of fun with your new Xbox Cian and we hope you enjoy the game we chose for you (just in time for Olympics 2012 starting) x Best wishes to you & your family and we wish you a speedy recovery x

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Wish No 27 – Braveheart Roman

Wish No 27 came from the parents of 6 week old Braveheart Roman x They requested a nice keepsake gift in the theme of ‘Noah’s Ark’ as this has real meaning for the family.  We hope they loved the special personalised money box we chose for Roman as i’m sure its something they’ll treasure for years to come x We hope you make a speedy recovery Roman x

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Wish No 26 – Braveheart Elliot

Wish No 26 came from the parents of Braveheart Elliot.  They requested a LeapFrof Learn & Groove Musical Table.  This toy sounds and looks awesome.  Elliot really will have loads of fun with this special gift. I’m sure it will keep him occupied whilst he makes his speedy recovery x Best wishes to Elliot and his family x

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